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Safira Amalia Fauziah

A people who always share their smile to everyone. Yes, this is me. Hello my name is Safira Amalia guys, just call me Amalia. I live in Indonesia. That is the best ever place. I was born on May, 4th 1999. I'm stiil studying. Hmm.. no everybody whatever who is they have to study until die. coz.. so many thing we must to know. more precisely, i am a student of the best school in my opinion haha.. maybe not just my opinion. My Hobby is.. what the first i must tell you? Okay I like dancing, singing and writing a short story. Maybe one day I'll want to release that to become A Book. I like to Travelling and I like climbing a Mountain. I'm very like art. all about art example photograph, sketch, and animation or something like that.

I Like music whatever what kind of them. I like Rock, Jazz, Kpop, Jpop, Ipop, Dangdut, or west music. I just a little don't care about who is singer the song. I just like song if the song is good seriously. from instrument, lyrics, and singer voice.

Good Morning. because whatever What time at your town, keep saying Good Morning, because for me All the time is Morning, my spirits can't wear off just because Nights is come. :D