Amalia Lalazissi

Nurse in Ελλάδα

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I am a former journalist-reporter,newspaper editor and radio presenter who still loves informing people.This is why I own three blogs,each dealing with different topics and aiming to offer information over:

public figures (

health & beauty (

just some authoring fun time (

In addition,I am a nurse and trained paramedic.

In 2010,my play "Thorns" was chosen as one of the top 3 in a competition held by Free Expression Theater.

I love Eros Ramazzotti,everything about Italy,French cinema (Jeux d'enfants is my top movie),Rufus Sewell,Guillaume Canet,retro style,fashion design,English language,literature,Kostas Karyotakis,Constantine P. Cavafy,Tasos Athanasiadis & Giorgos Polirakis.I am a TV-show lover and mostly a crime show freak.

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