Swapnika Dadlani

gIvinG uP dOsenT alWz mEan U r wEak... sOmetYm iT jUst mEans uR sTRonG enOgH tOo lEt gOo... :)

wHen U tEasE mE i fEEl lYk "sIt qUitE nD kEEp wAtchIng u. tO bE teAseD mOrE :)

iKnoW aM stUpiD bUt aM "dHolU" nLy fR u bEta...

sTay hAppIee pLzz cZ iF uR "hAppiEe" aM "dOubLe hAppIee"

wHen eVer U nEed sMe sUppoRt pLz dNt fEEl aLonE aM alWz thErE tIll mY lAsT bReaTh :*

aM sOrrY cZ aT Ur tHis bIrthDAy i'Ll bE nOt thErE... rEallY cHoli fOr tHt :(