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Aman Walia

Project Manager in Gurugram, India

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Experience in Web Solutions. Building E Commerce applications is a speciality. Agile based SDLC. PRD/BRD/MRD/User Stories/Product Backlog/Project Kickoffs/Scrum/Busines Intelligence/Market Analysis/CRM/ERP/Test Plans/UAT/UAT Signoff/Customer Feedback/ presentations to Client.

Art of designing beautiful products, then bringing them to market and managing various clients at the same time.
More specifically, someone to design features, write specs, coordinate product kickoffs, schedule engineers, QA/UAT handoffs, rollout information to services and sales, manage beta releases, gather initial and on-going feedback from our customers, and finally keep management up to date on where everything stands at any given time.

Creating Product roadmap and release maps with functionality impact value

Attracting more user baser to web portals by means of various social media algorithms
Have a good understanding of digital marketing in e commerce domain

Creating retention programs for loyal customers, on the same time create value for visitors and converting them into evangelists.

Mobile experience: Mobile is the future, created various scalable and social mobile solutions

Projects: Wealth Management-Accounts Payable and Receivables applications- Microsoft Dynamics-System Integrations-ACH Network integrations-Mobile Applications-Business Intelligence (BI) applications-ERP-Dashboards -E commerce applications

  • Education
    • B.Tech in CSE and MBA in IT