Aman Goyal

Student, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in College Station, Texas

Spiritual | Extrovert | Creative

i'm a social being sometimes interested in Indian history & Hindu mythologies & philosophy , apart from these i'm studying computer science, so it unveils other aspect of mine that is t-e-c-h-n-o-l-o-g-y. i know you too used to unscrew to unveil the things inside your toys and gadgets, the only difference between us is that i was able to make them in working condition again (laughing). :P.

I typically belong to Rajasthan (the royal state). i was born and bought up in a marwadi family. apart from Hindi and and English i know marwadi (rajasthani language) very well.

i'm not much into sports, as when you guys were in gardens i used to explore the computer.

thank god, that he made something to calm my mind, without spirituality & meditation it was not easy for me to sleep, due to my ever jammed head.

  • Education
    • Texas A&M University