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Aman Kapoor

DC Metro Area

I have always been interested in and driven by the way things work. As a kid, I was the one taking remote controllers and wall clocks apart and playing with the gears and computer chips. Therefore, I decided to become more proactive with career opportunities. I became interested in engineering as a career when I was first introduced to the discipline with my summer at the NASA Langley Research Center. The fast-paced work environment and high degree of autonomy and leadership placed upon us as a group of young engineers was enough to spark my interest in the field.

I’m a systems engineer interested in driving more talent to tech companies by solving their organizational inefficiencies. I see solutions from an administrative point of view, but also have the tech skills to build products. I get my energy from solving real problems and cheering on the Wahoos.

  • Work
    • Cisco Systems
  • Education
    • University of Virginia