Aman Asrani

10 years back science encyclopedias fascinated me,and I was totally enthusiaistic about science projects.Science experiments were my favourite pass time.But after i recieved my first computer things changed quite a bit.Initially i was totally into gaming and nothing constructive.After i made my first robot in 7th for a interschool competition,i realised i had a knack for being good at electronics and computers.In my 9th std when i first learnt the basics of object oriented programming,i was amused by the functionality of computer/web based applications.This is when i first made my own website and got into this stuff.

Since then i have always been technologically inclined,writing gadget reviews for blogs and eventually my own website-( Apple devices is one of my many intrests.Also i have tried podcasting.(and wish to do it regularly i the future.)

I share my thoughts on twitter (@BlazeIconic).I am also addicted to BBM :p.Besides technology my other addiction is coffee.I believe caffiene keeps my imagination going stronger.The Dark Knight is my idol ;p. When i am free i watch football and Chelsea FC is my favourite.Also I worship Pink Floyd.

I am currently preparing for my class 12 boards and CET examinations,which would get over soon :D.After which i plan to start taking coding seriously.

Troll is my second language and yes i am vindictive so beware!