Amarendra Kumar Srivastava

myself amarendra kumar srivastava is very sensitive guy, as my name long my thoughts also... i think every fight can win by truth & love....,,,,, in my cute family i have 2 younger brother & 2 younger sister,my father is retired gov. sector & mother is house wife,my sisters are in student way & youngest brother is also in,, one brother is in pvt. job. it is my duty to manage my family at all front, i am 28 years old an MBA bachelor, i am in pvt. MNC company at manager level, i have very few but solid friends, i love my family,playing cricket, traveling new places, interest in any new arrivals,,,,,, i think nothing is impossible if u have patience. true love is God!!!! don't do wrong with anybody,you will always go high...!!!!!!! i love beauty