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AMAN CHEMICALS INDIA (AN ISO 9001:2008 certified company)is a Powder Coating Chemical Manufacturer Company in India which was founded in 1997 . It provides easy and effective powder coating chemicals for metal pretreatment Process . Our products includes Derusting, Degreasing, Passivation, Neutralization, R.R-10(3-IN-1) and Zinc Phosphating Chemicals gives the best and last long result . The quality of our chemicals is approved by every metal treatment industry whom to we deal with .we are in the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY for last 14 years because of our quality , consistency and our clear vision. we have dedicated employees to make our products strongest and satisfy our customer at our level best . Our CHEMICAL COMPANY provides a range of POWDER COATING CHEMICALS products. Our PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS , DERUSTING CHEMICAL and DEGREASING CHEMICALS are in highly demand .We provide chemical reagent for NEUTRALIZATION AND PASSIVATION . We provide different POWDER COATING CHEMICALS for aluminium and steel/iron . PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS are used on iron metal for corrosion resistance, lubricity, or as a foundation for subsequent coatings or painting. It serves as a conversion coating in which a dilute solution of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts is applied via spraying or immersion, chemically reacts with the surface of the part being coated to form a layer of insoluble, crystalline phosphates. Phosphate conversion coatings can also be used on aluminium, zinc and tin. we are having a wide range of PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS. CZP BOND is a ZINC PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS for production of fine coating of zinc phosphate on iron and steel components . These process us used as an undercoat for powder paint coating and liquid paint coating . The coating produced with CZP BOND provides an excellent base for super finishes in paint coating . This product gives the crystal size to maintain a natural gloss and finish to the coating film . CZP BOND is supplied in concentrated form which is further diluted for making a highly economical zinc phosphating chemicals solution. Aluminium Cleaning Chemicals are basically used for cleaning or removing the oil , fatty acids , dirt & oxide layer from the aluminium surface .There are two types of aluminium present in the metal industry .

Aluminium cleaning chemicals