amanda b

My writing is like a house.

First, you have to plan it out and get a blueprint; get the rough draft down on paper. You have to get all your ideas out.

Second, after your first rough draft, you start revising it. You add or delete some stuff.

Third, after the main idea is done, you start adding on the little details to put it all together, to make it complete. Once you add the details, the house starts to look more put together.

Lastly, you go into the house, and make sure everything is together and in order.

You have to keep going through the house to make sure everything is in its place.

That is why my writing is like a house.

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Below you will find my linked 20% time research pieces. These pieces include:

written project proposal

video project pitch

four weekly blog post reflections

7-10 interview questions and responses

interview reflection blog post


TED-style reflection talk video