Amanda Buse

Orlando, Florida

Still relying on your desktop grammar checker to proof the work you spend hours creating? Consider:

As far as Spell Check is concerned, their is knot any thing wrung with this cent tents.

To your audience, your copy is a measure of your professionalism and credibility. The quality of your content affects not only the engagement of your audience, but your value as perceived by advertisers, employers, and potential customers, as well.

Research shows that 79% of readers are less likely to trust and engage with a brand that makes spelling or grammatical mistakes. Anything you publish, anywhere, is a touchpoint with potential customers and, therefore, it is part of your brand. If your copy isn't polished, it leaves a bad impression and distracts from the ideas that you want to express.

Having a proofreader on your team that has a keen eye for detail can ensure that your text is clear, correct, concise, and consistent. A qualified proofreader will perfect your grammar, spelling, and intended meaning so you may communicate your ideas to your audience clearly and effectively, helping you to successfully land the client, job, or publishing deal.

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