Amanda Dennis

Hi, my name's Amanda Dennis (as I'm sure you can see from above) and I am an intern at the MA Fair Housing Center and a student at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I am studying Business Managment and English and am going to attend law school following my graduation from UMass.

A passion of mine is travel. I live and breath for it. I first got the travel itch when I was in high school and was lucky enough to go on a trip to Europe and see France and Italy; ever since then it hasn't stopped. I work hard over the summers and during the school year, saving up all the money I can to make it possible for me to explore the world, one step at a time. I want to see everywhere (I know a bit ambitious) and I'm thirsty to learn about other cultures and ways of life.

I believe it is so important to travel because it truly opens up the world for people. It makes it so they're not afraid of other people, cultures, and ideas. Different cultures' perspectives on some of what American's hold as core beliefs helps create a conversation. It makes me question my culture and what I've been enculturated to believe as truth. This makes me a stronger individual because it helps me thing outside the box. Learning from people who have different histories, perspectives, lifestyles, and beliefs makes you think about your own ideas and perspectives, and teaches you about yourself.

I think travel is an essential part of peoples' learning and development, and I beleive it makes people more open, brave, and aware. Travel is something everyone should get to experience in their lifetime, and it is something that makes me who I am.

  • Work
    • Intern at MA Fair Housing Center, cashier at CVS
  • Education
    • University of Massachusetts, Amherst