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Amanda Ditzler

San Francisco

I have always had my hand in construction and can recall one of my favorite childhood pasttimes involving riding around with my dad on a John Deere or going up and down on an electric scissor lift. After a brief stint in marketing and fashion design (among various other jobs), I followed her family passion and began working with clients in interior design projects and eventually began managing residential construction projects as well. Projects ranged from furniture planning to designing an office space to full home renovations. During this time, I also studied Architecture. This experience and expertise gave me a true appreciation for pencils, space and nature made materials.
When not searching for the next big opportunity, I can likely to be found exploring the globe with my young six year old Sydney. I like to live by the mantra that most things in life can be solved with a good cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine.

  • Work
    • Real Estate Agent
  • Education
    • Academy of Art University
    • Fashion Institute of Technology