Amanda Green

In another life I used to be a qualified chef and high school hospitality / home economics teacher.

Currently, I am a stay at home mum to three beautiful children, T aged 4, K aged 2 and N who is just 13 weeks. Being a mum to them is by far the most important , rewarding and toughest job I have ever had.

I am also a "foodie" totally for sure. So much so, at my wedding, my spunky husband vowed to be a loyal cheese provider. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHEESE !!!!!! Food is just awesome in general, for so many reasons.

More often then not, I eat when I am happy, I eat when I am sad, I think I could even eat underwater if it came down to it. Food rules me.

Exercise and I however, have had a rocky relationship at best. Not a good combo.

To be totally honest, I am a slack ass at heart. I would prefer to use my spare time ( not that there is much of that with three kids) curled up with a good book ( generally a trashy romance novel ;) ) or watching a snuggle worthy movie with the hubby. So much better then exercising outside, in the heat of the tropics (where we live) or worse in a gym full of young good looking 20 somethings.

So after three babies and no weight loss between them, I am seriously over weight and not happy with myself :(

My goal is to be the size I was, on the day of my wedding and thats the picture you see, the me I want to be.