Amanda Speer

Arlington, Texas

My story begins in San Marcos, Texas, when I was adopted. Having parents that have inspired me to become what I am today, is an inspiration that has kept me going towards my best and making my future at it’s most. When I was about thirteen years of age, I began writing little stories and people at school started reading them between classes and would tell me how compelling they were, and I guess that is what inspired me to continue writing throughout the years. In high school, I wrote many essays and even for the school newspaper. Going to college soon after and writing term papers enhanced my creative writing skills, in which in college you are able to broaden your perspectives on what to write and what makes a good essay.

More about my personal life, I enjoy being at home watching movies and playing with my puppies Bitsy and Benji. Whoever, by the way, are horribly spoiled by my husband, and I! Demanding treats is their job in life and boy are they good at it! I also enjoy a good book and my favorite craft knitting. Many books have also inspired me into creative writing and have given me the best outlooks on not only my writing skills but on life in general. There are so many intriguing books out there to read and once I get into reading a novel, such as a historical one like The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. It is hard to put down!

In conclusion, I am eager to seek a career into freelance creative writing and look forward to seeing how my pieces entwine into the field. Many have inspired me, many have had their doubts about my writing. All in all, I am my own meek little person and enjoy what life brings me.

  • Education
    • High School Diploma, Associate Degree