kuro ⠀

Writer in Sydney, Australia

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hi, im kuro -w-

i like love live and steven universe (and other stuff!!), writing, reading and drawing!

im a cis female; biromantic demiseuxal. but primarily into girls.

my favourite ships are:

> nicomaki (ll)

> kotoeli (ll)

> lapidot (su)

> pearlmethyst (su)

> kotopana (ll)

> nozorin (ll)

> karairi (s-class)

> akiramon (tg)

i really really reALLY hate rinmaki so please dont mention it if we're talking!

please dont follow me if:

> you are homophobic or transphobic

> you dislike spams

> you dont like nicomaki (for your own sake, because i spam them sometimes)

thank you ~

social media:

nishiqueeno (twitter/tumblr/ig)

honkvibes (twitter/ig)