Amanda Landry

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my blog about how to find balance and live a more beautiful life. Just to give you some information about me; I am a mom to three scrumptious babies, a wife to one handsome man, a Thyca survivor, and a full time student. I became a mom and wife at sixteen, and as if I wasn't busy enough I decided to pursue my goals of obtaining a doctorate degree in psychology. After my associates, my third baby, and a second round of RAI, I crazily decided to transfer and commute to the closest university I could find (which is two hours away from where we live) and continue on. Here, I am studying psychology, neuroscience, and biology and I have conducted research in three different but equally phenomenal labs. I love everything from reading, painting, and writing, to fashion and extracting DNA. So, this blog is basically about taking on everything and finding balance in any way you can. For me, this includes buying effortlessly fashionable items that I can throw on at a moments notice and not worry that it doesn't match, making quick and easy meals or snacks, setting aside specific times to study (sometimes at 1:00 am while the kids are sleeping), and making sure to throw in workouts and a mask or two here and there so that I can look and feel my best! Please weigh in, and let me know how you balance all the different roles in your life! I hope you enjoy, and at least feel inspired that you are capable of balancing it all while pursuing your goals (no matter how hard the road is to get there)! Happy reading!