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Amanda Louchart

Conroe, Texas

Amanda Louchart

Conroe, Texas

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Howdy from Conroe, TX!

It is my purpose in life to end world suffering. I will help develop a new system to empower people to help others create a sustainable economy for every soul in the world.

I celebrate leaders, thinkers, creators, believers, crafters,

designers, lovers and artists from all walks of life.

Empathetic people-dreamers and idealists-have this sort of accidental power. Most spend their early years ridden with self-doubt, insecurity, and people-pleasing habits. But, their journey is inevitably derailed when this comfortable life gets uprooted by an unexpected darkness. Suddenly, their trusted methods no longer seem to bring them happiness. At first, this depression convinces them that they might never feel joyful again. But, ultimately, it sets them on a quest for something more-for love, justice and wisdom. Once this adventure begins, there is no stopping a dreamer. And when dreamers unite? Well thats when we start to change the world.

Love ya!


  • Work
    • Professional Home Business Internet Marketing
  • Education
    • Kearsley High School
    • Community College of the Air Force