Amanda Mills Los Angeles

CEO and Founder of Amanda Mills Los Angeles in Santa Monica, California

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Amanda Mills is a California-based lifestyle blogger and founder and Chief Executive Officer of of Amanda Mills Los Angeles (AMLA). In founding Amanda Mills Los Angeles (AMLA), Amanda turned her passion for travel, fashion, food and life into a successful lifestyle brand that carefully curates fashion collections from around the world for today’s cosmopolitan woman.

Amanda Mills was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up on her family’s ranch in Houston. With a fondness for animals and country living, as a child Amanda began designing her own dresses and outfits with the assistance of her grandmother. Inspired by the fashions displayed in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, Amanda and her grandmother would design their own creations for Amanda to model around the ranch.

Amanda earned a degree in Social Work and Psychology and then pursued graduate work in both Psychology and Art History.

However, while she was studying yoga in Los Angeles, Amanda experienced a life-altering tragedy when she discovered that her fiancé had hung himself.

In an effort to heal the pieces of her life and mend a life turned upside down, Amanda traveled extensively through Africa to do some soul searching. While in Africa, she had the fortune of discovering the Ubushobozi Project, a vocational skills training organization committed to ending poverty among Rwandan women.

Inspired by her travels and the Ubushobozi Project, upon her return to the United States, Amanda recommitted herself to her yoga studies and building a brand that would be centered around conscious commerce and philanthropy. This brand would become Amanda Mills Los Angeles.

Today, in addition to leading Amanda Mills Los Angeles, Amanda is a devoted yogi and has completed more than 2,000 registered hours training with some of the most renowned and beloved yoga masters.

As curator of the Amanda Mills Los Angeles lifestyle brand, Amanda uses here rich and diverse background to offer unique insights, advice, self-help tips and more to her large audience of followers.

Thanks to the success Amanda Mills Los Angeles has experienced since its launch in 2014, Amanda has used her platform to raise awareness for and to support a variety of charities and organizations.

Some of the causes dear to Amanda include The Elton John Aids Foundation, Clint Eastwood Foundation, The Carousel of Hope, the Ubushobozi Project, Gorilla Doctors, The Shining Stars Foundation and The Wounded Warriors Project.