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Amanda Phillips

Amherst, Mass

In Spain I will also be taking art classes in addition to my business curriculum. Art has been a passion of mine for my entire life, and I am excited to learn new ways to express it. I cannot wait to live in another country, and see how they do business. I feel it will be advantageous to have this experience so I can better communicate with people from other countries in the future. Also, when I interview for future positions, it will set me apart from my peers.

The piece attached is something I drew for a class I was taking about shadows. Lighting in a work is everything, it allows the viewer to see how far we are from objects, the direction the light is in the room, and how the light hits the object can also help us see texture.

I hope to one day work creatively in a company that allows me to use my artistic inclinations to help penetrate new target markets and create innovative advertisement campaigns. I feel I could be an asset to a company that needs social media direction in order to connect with potential customer bases. I look forward to my final two years at Isenberg, and all the adventures ahead of me.

  • Work
    • Campus Ambassador GMR Marketing
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    • Umass Amherst