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Amanda Wright

Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Wright

Auckland, New Zealand

Amanda Wright is an established event designer, curator and producer.
She has been creating and contributing to incredible events and experiential projects for 17 years and is the founder and visionary behind, a stand out New Zealand arts and music festival.

Hire Amanda if you want an extraordinary creative mind to make your event project to be seen as a game changer, raising the bar and setting a new precedent

Visiting Burning Man in 1998 inspired the creative direction for Splore and Amanda’s events practice. She started at the production coalface in NZ and UK doing set-up, crew, site dressing and design for community events. Her first creative director role was with the Trash To Fashion Awards and since has led and been a significant contributor to WOMAD, NZ Fashion Week, Auckland Art Fair (dealer gallery expo), Absolut Vodka global product relaunch, Erupt Taupo Arts Festival, Big Chill UK and NZ and the Chinese Lantern Festival Auckland to name but a few.

“I want to create bespoke projects, events and experiences that have a life-impact.”

High impact experiences she’s created include elements of video, music, spatial, graphic and web design, interactive art installations, temporary architecture, talent scouting and management, participatory performance and community engagement.

Amanda is looking for new projects that will expand and showcase her creative vision, her ability to manage teams and deliver spectacular events and experiences.

If you need inspiration and practical experience to make your ideas a reality, Amanda will be the essential collaborator in your team.

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