Amanda Bowman

1. One of my Top 5 Strengths as determined by StrengthsQuest is intellection. This means that I enjoy thinking and mental activity, such as problem solving. It also shows that I like to be by myself sometimes so I have the time to think and be introspective. I identify with this Strength the most because it really shows an integral part of my personality, where I am constantly being introspective and trying to learn. This impacts my academics because it allows me to want to learn and to look critically at the material. As far as for my social life, it can sometimes cause me to be alone instead of spending time with friends or family. Overall, this Strength is an important part of my life and will help me in completing and doing well in my work in the future.

2. One assignment that we did this semester in EHE 1100 was the Dream Job essay. For this assignment we were to describe what we felt would be our dream job and why. In the essay I talked about how I would like to return to my hometown of Troy, Ohio to be an ESL, or English as a Second Language, teacher for either middle school or high school age students. This assignment was helpful to me because it forced me to think about my future plans and whether or not they would be realistic and manageable. Before this essay I had not spent a great deal of time thinking about where I would go in the future and what exactly I would do, so completing this helped me to develop my plans further. Now, I know exactly what I am aiming for in my future career.

3. I think that the most important assignment EHE 1100 students were required to complete was the Curriculum Plan. For this assignment we were to plan out our class schedules for the next three semesters using our Degree Audits. I completed this based on what I need to take in the next two years, including General Education classes and Pre-major classes. This was the most important assignment for me because without completing this and learning how to read a Degree Audit, I would have no clue how to make a schedule for myself and figure out how to fit in every credit that I need to complete in order to get into my college and graduate. What I have learned from the Curriculum Plan assignment will help me to change my schedules in the future if needed and to schedule after I am in my college.