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Amanda Carter


Currently, my life's ambition is to redefine the way we think about the word "EPIC". And in the process, I'm writing my own epoch, the politically correct version of the word, and I must say that so far, according to the definition of an epoch (a long hero's journey) and my own definition of "epic", so far I have lead and intend to continue to lead an extraordinary life.

It's been filled with turmoil and triumphs, courage and cowardice, innovation and disillusionment, power and corruption, magick and science, control and eccentricity. It's been an amazing life and I intend on continuing that pattern for at least the next 60 years, if not more. =)

For those of you looking to learn more about me, I must tell you now, that the best way to do so, is to send me a message.

Though for the purposes of this biography, you should first and foremost that I am a Leader. Someone who lights the torch and cuts a path ahead, making sure to hold back and wait for others when needed, and stopping to make sure everyone in my immediate and more distant community has a chance to be heard.

It is through my abilities to lead that I have begun the process of becoming a charismatic leader, who is dedicated to enhancing the Greatness of everyone I meet. I have learned to listen to those around me, with an appreciation for what it's like in their lives, so that the opportunities for making life better for everyone, will appear in front of me.

It is my dedicated, empathic and curious nature, that has lead me onto the path of achieving my life's dream: Becoming the most profound, inspiration and authentic professional and personal develop coach the world has ever known. It's my own way of "saving the world" if you will, and dedicating my life to the service of everyone and every thing around me.

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    • Certified Business and Life Coach
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