Amanda Cox


Parenting pragmatist and realist, Amanda Cox speaks, writes and presents on contemporary parenting issues in an out of the box, unique, relatable and humorous manner.

A mum to three boys, she openly shares common parenting dilemmas, her experience with postnatal depression, and provides parenting information, support, and practical advice and tips through her website Real Mums, her personal blog, Diary of a Mad Cow and wherever else is required.

Amanda is available for speaking and/or on all manner of parenting topics; from health and wellbeing, to food, fussy eaters, feeding the family, discipline, stress, common childhood ailments and parenting your own way ... just expect the unexpected.

  • Work
    • Founder Real Mums, writer, TV presenter, speaker
  • Education
    • BAppSc Health Promoiton (Majoring in Family, Society and Health)