Amanda D

I am a rainbow when it comes to my writing. When it comes to
writing I usually do it the last minutes like a rainbow comes in at the very
last minute of a storm. But when I do write, I love to make it perfect and
amazing. A rainbow is like this because just like my writing, it is capturing
to its audiences. I also write about many different styles. Rainbows replicate
with their many colors. Rainbows also come after a storm, just like my writing.
After I do all my hectic work I can finally settle down and write. When it
comes to the end of and English unit or a book that our class read, we usually
do a writing project. Rainbows have pot of gold at the end of them. This is
like when I go "all out" on writing projects that I usually receive.
Rainbows make many people happy, and I hope my writing does that same.

Photo by: davidyuweb