Amanda Gilmore

Toronto, Ontario

I am currently studying Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. Once I graduate, I want to use my degree to work as an entertainment or political Broadcast Journalist. I knew I wanted to become a journalist in my third year of high school when I wrote an article on eating disorders.

Even though I wanted to study Journalism, I went to York University straight from high school for Theatre. I ended up leaving the Theatre program after one year because my heart was not fully involved in the program. I then transferred to Ryerson for Journalism.

I come from a very small family that only consists of my mother and me. My mother has shown me that I have to be determined in life and work hard. Because of her I have become a strong woman and very persistent in my life. I will use what I have learned from her and apply it to my career in journalism.

  • Education
    • Studying Journalism at Ryerson University