Amanda Jansen

Director and Consultant in The Hague

Amanda Jansen

Director and Consultant in The Hague

Glocal connector, changemaker, digitalization & collaboration strategist focussing on teal management and the redesign of organizational structures and collaborations. Knowledge management expert & lecturer on the domain of commons, information management in communities & new economic structures.

After 12 years of government expertise in the social domain as a public professional and consultant, since 5 years focussing on innovation through:

- new economic hierarchies and startups in the sharing economy

- open data & open source sharing

- community methods of collaborating & projectmanagement

- new tech developments & whole systems

- sustainable growth and post growth economies

Connector OuiShare Netherlands since 2013, creating a more collaborative society.

Collaborator Urban Commons Transition Netherlands

In the international research project FLOK Society policy papers have been made for a peer to peer focussed society with knowledge commons as a vehicle for better care, environment, education etc. Knowledge commons are groups of people specialized in making, distributing, creating or consuming something in open source ways. By unlocking knowledge radically better solutions can be found for cities.

Ever since the journey of the commons have continued: LabGov Italy has created numerous policy papers, P2P Value has organized conferences (I co-organized one), the Commons Assembly has been founded as a new political transitional movement in Europe and alternative to the right or the left (and I am part of it) and much more to come.

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