Amanda Larson

Scottsdale, Arizona


My name is Amanda Larson, more commonly known as Mandy, and I am a student living in Arizona. I am currently a spin instructor at Rhythm Cycle Scottsdale, a spin exclusive studio new to the Valley.

I love teaching because I am passionate about the life changes spin provides! I began spinning over three years ago when I was going through some large life changes. When spin came into my life, I found it as a form of therapy since it was one hour of my day solely devoted to me, my body and my focus. I have been obsessed ever since! I hope to share this passion with others to promote health and happiness to all of my students!

Aside from spinning, I love all other ways to physically challenge myself. You can typically find me hiking, praticing yoga, running, or riding my horses when I'm not at Rhythm Cycle.

Enjoy the ride.