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amanda loconte

30.If you asked me what I believe, I would tell you I am spiritual, but believe in many things. I believe in Karma, Angels and devils and horoscopes. I believe in signs and that there are no mistakes, just learning experiences and I believe in love.29. This is the first time I've been single in 6 years.28. I worked at Pretzelmaker for nearly two years. The best pretzels in the world!27. I live in a crazy awesome sharehouse with the best people in the world.26. My favorite colors are pink and purple.25. I have 17 piercings and 1 tattoo.24. When it comes to friends, I'm about quality over quanitity. I'm also love over money. My true friends now how insecure I am.23. I am really good at writing stories. Most of my stories are based upon my own experiences. I gotta write them down so people believe me. 22. I hate odd numbers.21. I LOVE to bake.20. I am 5 feet 3 inches. I'm not SHORT, I'm FUNSIZED! 19. I have syndactic toes..two of my toes are "webbed" together18. I can't whistle.17. I can roll my tongue though!16. I haven't seen my natural hair color in like 6 years. I had crazy color hair since sophmore year. Now, I'm trying to let my natural color come in.15. I can't figure out accounting or math for the life of me.14. I'm an associate manager at Icing by Claires.13. My high school was Home Depot orange and had no walls. I only surived because I goofed off and skipped classes.12. I was a Cadet Captain in JROTC. I have at least 8 friends in the military.11. My friend told me that I was like WiFi when it comes to friends. I make connections fast and always appear when I'm in the area.10. I am a dual licensed professional. I have both a hair dresser's license and a barber's license.09. I am currently in school for Business Management.08. I can speak Italian and visited Italy.07. I have been to nearly every baseball stadium in the United States and Canada. My family was a big baseball family.06. Speaking of my family, I am Italian, Polish, and Redneck. (Redneck is my mother's side.)05. I would like to try my hand at stand-up comedy.04. I love to watch old school comedy shows, ie. Seinfield, King of Queens. I also love shows like Big Bang Theory and Family Guy.03. I love all kinds of music. That means, Rat Pack to Country, Rock to Rap, Classical to Hip Hop/ Top 40. I can play several intstruments: the trumpet, drums, etc.02. I am a Corporal for a colorguard in the Sons of Italy drum corps.01. My favorite kinds of movies are 80's movies. (: