Amanda Mas

I am a happy wife and the mother of two beautiful children, with a third on the way. My life completely changed with the arrival of my oldest son, Skylar who will be 5 in February 2015, when I was 17. Since then I have done things that had never before been in my plans. I graduated high school just after he was born, I married my sweetheart, we had another beautiful child, my two year old daughter, Sophia, I went back to school and we were surprised with the discovery of our third child, another boy who we will name Abraham, who will arive in February 2015. Skylar is a typical little boy, he loves superheros and hates cleaning his room, loves to make everyone laugh and always finds the spinach hidden in dinner. Sophia is far from a princess; she has the personality of a queen, with the determination, energy, and beauty fit for a crown. Together they are quite the pair. Abraham is highly anticipated. This coming year will be a challange for me, as I will still be taking classes through the end of my pregnancy and after he is born. I am anxious and excited to establish a routine while mothering all three and nursing the baby. Thankfully, I am blessed to be able to stay home with them, as my saintly husband is the sole provider in our house.

I'm from New Hampshire and I have a passion for nursing and childbirth. I currently am a licensed nurses aide. I'm working towards my nursing degree and eventually I plan to earn a masters degree as a midwife. To me, pregnancy and childbirthing is the most facinating and remarkable thing in the world, not just with my own children but with other people's as well. I love seeing the change in a woman as she transforms into a mother through that special time. I am fascinated by the science of embryology, with the thought that two single cells can turn into a trillion celled being that will learn to cry, laugh, walk, and feel emotions. I love seeing the strength that a woman in labor has, and I love that moment just after a woman gives birth when she is so entirely fascinated with the human being she has just made and the fact that she has made it through what is probably the most difficult day(s) in her life. I am pushing myself through school, as an A student, because I have such a passion for this work, and because I truly cannot wait to do this for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine any work more rewarding than bringing new life into the world on a daily basis.