Amanda Ruiz

Amanda Ruiz

I teach entrepreneurs how to get their businesses into the press.

I am passionate that entrepreneurs learn the essential ‘business-life-skill’ of self-promotion. Having done my own PR and then hired PR agencies for my former ecommerce store, I always got the best results by doing my own PR – in fact journalists actually say that they prefer to hear from the business owners themselves. To date I have trained over 200 people either via the physical workshops or the online courses. I teach a proven 7 step process:

1. Learning to switch on your #PRDAR, your and vision and mindset

2. How to find your press hook and golden nugget the press will love

3. Essential research: competition, client and journalist

4. Your press toolkit

5. Your bio and press release

6. Your PR plan of action

7. Your PR campaign

8. Success, you’re in the to leverage it!