Amanda Sonnet


Amanda Sonnet


The School Yard is an interactive online story based in London. I wish to create a drama series, using the characters Tori, Jonah, Zara and Chris, unfolding with help from the readers, after giving feedback.

It will explore how difficult choices are made within their faiths, and cultural differences. Additional themes are social and economical struggle, diabetes, ADHD, gang culture and substance abuse. I wish to create a platform where people can come together online and discuss and write about similar experiences.

The outcome will be an on-line writing community and Drama series with links to support groups and charities.

Short term goals

Raise awareness and tackle prominent issues amongst students within schools.

Use feedback from current following to complete the first series of The School Yard.

Create drama series including all production and promotion with help from young people who want to get involved

Have links with local charities which will help develop an on-line community which can give support and advice to the followers.

Medium term goals

The School Yard will be used create workshops, which will help to enhance performance and levels academic levels in the following areas:

English Language and Literature





Long term goals

Continue with both short and medium term goals to develop a second series.

  • Work
    • Creative Director of The School Yard