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Amanda White

Nova Scotia, Canada

Amanda White C.P.A.G.B.

British born and raised, I moved from my native UK to Nova Scotia, Canada in 2010. A move inspired by a trip made in 1992 to visit friends in Toronto.

I am a Graphic Designer by profession and and in spare time, a part time photographer.

My love of photography has always existed but it has only really developed more seriously since 2005. During that year I was published 4 times nationally in Digital Camera Magazine and came 3rd in their 'Photographer of the Year' competition in the 'Altered Images' category.

Spurred on by initial success, I proceeded to upgrade my camera (more than once now) and haven't looked back since.

In 2008 I attained the first merit award of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain, which earned me the initials after my name. I have since been featured in other books and publications, as well as winning other competitions over the years. The subjects I shoot are eclectic, I love to shoot whatever interests me at that moment, I am most known for my painterly landscapes of Nova Scotia but right now my passion lies in Urban and Rural Decay.

You can view much of my work on Flickr. Licensing of my images is available via Flickr through Getty Images, of which I am contributor.

Prints, Cards, Canvases etc can all be purchased directly though my online store. and you can purchase and preview my 3 books online here.

Please contact me via email if you would like to commission my services for design or photography.