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Amanda Barq

Hello virtual Crohnies!

I have been an "official" Crohn's sufferer since October 18, 2000. I remember my diagnosis day well. It was the end to the 3 year long diagnosis process and the beginning of the rest of my life with a chronic illness.

As I walked down the hallway with my Mom beside me I remember feeling both an overwhelming sense of relief and sadness. Finally, I could justify to myself, and others, that my pain was not in my head. I wasn't crazy. Finally I could start to deal with the sadness associated with knowing that there was no cure for the pain I felt inside.

I write because it allows me to share my ups and downs with all of you. In my non-virtual life I talk openly (often too openly) about my life with Crohn's. There are some very funny stories and some very sad ones. My goal here is to only share with you all of my experiences so that you may laugh, cry and find comfort in knowing that you are not dealing with this alone.