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Amanda Bayerle

coach, Public Speaker, and podcast host in San Diego, California

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Amanda Bayerle, co-founder of The True Challenge, is a thriving young entrepreneur. At a young age she knew she was born to be her own boss, do what she loves, and learn from experience. By the age of 19 she had attended ministry school, traveled the world speaking, achieved financial success in a network marketing company, and married the man of her dreams.

Amanda is passionate about helping people develop the skills necessary to live a healthier more successful life personally and professionally. She has already fulfilled many of her goals such as bikini competing, running races, modeling, and becoming a sought-after personal trainer. When it comes to marketing, Amanda has led 2 successful online summits interviewing the top experts in health and entrepreneurship.

Amanda believes: the greatest investment you can make is in personal development, your wealth is your health, and to have prosperity with a purpose.