Amanda Bayless

Requirements Analyst and Statistics in Atlanta, Georgia

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I make ugly data into beautiful business-driving strategies that help companies understand the landscape of the market inwhich they find themselves. I am an expert in communicatingideas between the know-how and the need-to-know.

I comefrom a quantitative and programmatic background whichhas built strong problem-solving and technical skillsensuring that I am fully capable of working on, and with,specialist teams. But I’m so much more than that: myexpert-level communications style and years of experiencein presenting data in an accessible manner means that I canfluidly transition to client facing roles or help managementunderstand the complexities of the business as it stands inthis ever-changing world.

I currently live in Atlanta where I enjoy Doctor Who, gardening, and solving puzzles. I collect antique glass and have a weakness for real-estate television shows.

  • Work
    • MarketSource
  • Education
    • Kennesaw State University