Amanda Brett

Namaste! My Name is Amanda Patricia Brett :) I am a 24 year old woman with many talents and dreams. I'm just a girl with a warrior inside, striving every day to create a better self. .

My dream is going on a journey to Japan. I feel that there I will discover an important part of myself which I have yet to uncover. Luckily this dream will become a reality in August 19th 2013! with the help of amazing people who believe in me an my dreams I'll go to Kyoto, Japan for 10 days. In many ways this is a spiritual and educational journey which i'm so excited to embark on.

My second dream is creating a novel that can grab the readers attention and make them feel and care about my writing and characters i create. This project of mine has been in the making for a couple years now... The main reason it's taking so long is because of my lack of confidence. But i'm working on improving that :). I love reading graphic novels especially manga! im a huge huge fan of the japanese manga and anime. So i'll be providing some cover art along with my writing to provide you with a more visual feel of my story.