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Amanda Brown

We'll I'm not sure where to start I have spentpst of my life trying my best to work hard and help anyone I could if I was able.i am a 37 yearold female twin. Everything I worked for was because I worked for it. I was diagnosed with alopecia aretta a autoamunne disorder which patches of hair would fallout. So growing up was tougher. The bullying , teasing the harassment it stuck into head that I feel like I am. Never going to get over it. The insecurities that I have are awful. My self esteem was very low growing up. I managed to get myself feeling pretty confident but not until like age 26 or so. I finally felt pretty good and do in the next voue of years I had met someone and instsny I was pregnant. The only thing is hd had been previously married but seperated and they share one child. A couple weeks after we met I found out I was having a bBy. Accept I was not recurring any calls from him. We'll the most horrific thing happened he was in an explosion where he should haze. His work truck exploded while he was inside it. Could you imagine the pain and suffering he went through and still to. This day he suffers . He decided to move in withe and gave her what he could which to me was a lot and he left her everything even his car. She took him to court where he had to go to another province and he never got to go so she benighted hugely because of this. He just couldn't handle too much as he was still healing. There own formula was entered to what she wasn't did and foe one child pays 1210 . His taxed for last year where 6700 do guess what I have had to be the one who works and with that being said it'd been non stop. I am depressed and angry cuz no to nLu that I share 2 kids with h as we'll. my kids suffer ANC live in poverty while the system just let's this hsppen. I kept sYing what happened if impost my job then what. I rally didn't know or even want