Amanda Buxbaum

The magic happens in our life when we make a conscience decision to Learn and Feel and Choose nutritional practices which are right for us. Welcome to Learn Feel Choose Nutrition! I am happy to be living the development of a nutritional consultation system which honors

the individual, and provides and teaches a wide variety of ideas and practices to help enhance your life satisfaction - as you see it!

In one-on-one nutritional consultations, I hear and listen very closely to who you really are. And I connect what I see, hear and understand, with some of the most important nutritional ideas of our time, drawing from ideas from our ancient evolutionary heritage, to the most up to date and cutting edge science.

I have an extremely strong analytical background with a bachelor's degree in Math, graduating with honors, to work as an actuarial analyst at MONY, The Equitable, and Towers Perrin, to teaching HS math, both in Liberia,West Africa and at The Maret School, a private school in DC.

The area of greatest complexity to know and understand is that of life –especially of human beings. And I apply my analytical skills, now, to that. I am fortified with understandings of the complexities of life with my own explorations, investigations and experiences of some of life’s challenges and complexities first hand. I went through a full Transcendental Meditation course at age 13. I earned 2 PA state swimming records, and have continued the exploration of physical capacity. I was certified by theAmerican Massage Therapy Association as a Massage Therapist and worked forEast-West Therapeutic Massage. I am a “granola bar”, although, interestingly, I do not, actually, eat granola – as many “granola bar”s do not.

I work with clients with a variety of challenges from weight loss and athletic training to diabetes, HBP, cancer, GI issues of all kinds, autoimmune issues, and I have a special interest in neurological issues including depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, MS, ALS, dementia, and Alzheimer's.

I combine really listening, extremely strong analytical abilities and an understanding of the subtleties of life to be an extremely effective nutritionist, helping people to move towards more vitality and joy!