Amanda Camerino

I am a Master Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, with expertise in weight-loss, mind body healing, corrective exercise/rehabilitation, strength and conditioning and pre/postnatal care. 7 years in the fitness industry, with a proven success record in helping clients achieve their individual wellness goals. Heart Soul Fitness specializes in precise customization of exercise programs, based solely upon our clients goals. Its important to move, exercise and experience enjoyment around physical activity. At Heart Soul we are able to identify areas of movement that could be improved and then employ strategies to correct faulty movement patterns giving our clients the capacity to move freely and enjoy life. How our bodies moves in time and space is unique and thats why a tailored exercise program is so important. This type of training assists the body's capacity to heal itself(regeneration), increase functionality and optimize efficiency. The benefits of our service include: body fat loss, an increase in strength and conditioning, injury prevention, a new found confidence with movement and increased self-esteem. I have found through conscious awareness and physical activity we can take our daily living duties to optimal function. With Reducing stress and teaching coping skills we are assisting to prevent the onset of disease, additionally increasing weight loss and energy. Setting the stage for the future generation. Loves are snowboarding, tennis, and outdoor adventure. "Our Health is our best wealth.. So spend it wisely."