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Amanda Castle

My Philosophy
Aiming to be healthy can be a daunting task. Everyone starts somewhere on their fitness path and with the right guidance it can be a very pleasurable and rewarding experience. I believe that it is my duty as a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist to help people learn healthy and safe ways to achieve their goals. Being a strong advocate in balanced nutrition intake and staying active, I educate those who want to change their body composition that it takes a change in lifestyle and behavior.
Adopting a healthy lifestyle not only promotes a better quality of life but also lowers the risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, even some cancers. Though some factors are out of our control, only we have the power to help lower these risks, we can make the choice to be healthy.

My Story
All my life I have been passionate about being fit and staying active, especially after becoming a mother. It's a lot easier to carry a sleepy, 35lb "sack-of-potatoes" called Jadon up the stairs when I've done my lunges that week! I grew up dancing, laughing, and packing my dad his lunches to make sure he ate healthy during his workday.
In becoming an adult I got sucked into the land of clerical work. I was a master of Excel and an optimum organizer, to say the least I was good at my job. Then, the economy took a hit and I was constantly having to find a new job. One day I asked myself "why am I constantly searching for something I am not passionate about?" Then it hit me. I DIDN'T have to! That's when I decided to go back to school to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist and I never thought twice about it.
Being an enthusiast of all things fitness and certified as a Personal Trainer, I can guarantee that my knowledge stays up-to-date and fresh. Plus, I have a keen eye for "fluff", meaning I can distinguish fact from fiction very easily in this world of "miracle pills" and "5 minute workouts". It takes dedication to be healthy. Using my knowledge and expertise I can build you a fitness plan that is personalized to you; your body, your goals, your abilities and your lifestyle.