Amanda Chakbazof

My name is Amanda Chakbazof. I am half Lebanese and half Syrian with a Russian last name... I'm not quite sure how that exactly happened. I am 24 years young, born and raised in Southern California. I did my undergrad in business administration with an option in marketing at the California State University of Los Angeles, and I am currently doing my masters and teaching credentials at the University of LaVerne. My main focus at the moment it to become a junior high algebra teacher. I would like to initially start with junior high for a few years and hopefully end up teaching algebra at universities. I never knew that I wanted to become a math teacher. It randomly came to me during the time that I was finishing up my undergrad. Growing up, I have always done exceptionally well in all of my math classes. I have always helped my classmates and tutored most of my friends and family. Everyone has always told me that I have a great way of helping people learn algebra and I really enjoy helping people, so I thought why not?? I am one year into the program now and I absolutely love every minute of it. I am currently working full time at my families cafe as well as at the mall. It is really difficult juggling working so many hours and having enough time to do homework, especially when I love to sleep! But it's definitely safe to say that I love being busy and I love my life the way it is! The background of this page is inspired by one of my favorite hobbies which is playing the piano. I have been playing the piano for about 2 years now. It is something that is very relaxing and I enjoy playing it on a daily basis. :)