Dear Amanda,

Indianapolis, IN

Do you remember how you were 10 years ago?

In case you forgot, you were an ambitious 22 year old ready to take on the world. Hopefully you're still obsessed with puppies, volunteering, and non-profits. You didn't have a middle name, and you probably still don't; however, if you did have one, your whole name would be Amanda "Crafty-Creative" Chau. I know it sounds a little wacky, but you were pretty wacky yourself.

Do you remember Kneat Knits, your handmade knitted+crocheted eCommerce store? It was the first thing you proudly called your own. Hopefully you did something with that, and by something, I mean starting a program to donate scarves to the less fortunate members in your community.

Random question, but are you still overly obsessed with football & basketball? Please tell me Manning and Luck faced each other in the AFC Championships or that we finally had a Manning SuperBowl. Did Tom Crean lead the Hoosiers to be National Champs once? Twice? Thrice?

Do you remember what you were doing?

You were working for Recourse Resource as a part-time marketing coordinator. You loved working with the CEO because you were able to dive your hands into everything like creating CRM databases, coordinating different events and special projects, leading the social media marketing strategies, thinking critically for data analysis based projects, and so much more.

You weren't in a Master's program, but you did spend hours researching, learning, and bettering your skills in socia media, marketing, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Hopefully you have your Master's degree by now in something like Integrated Marketing Communications. If you don't, please tell me it's because Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and etc somehow all died like Xanga and MySpace.

Did you finally get your dream job?

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."-Maya Angelou

Do you remember this? Anne Ryder said this to you in high school when you were 17. Five years later, it still meant something to you. Hopefully it still does and that your dream job is giving back because your passion and motivation was and hopefully still is to make a difference. A change. An impact. And maybe it all started with USA Football...

  • Education
    • Indiana University