Amanda Rebecca Cosco

Amanda Cosco is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist. The internet is her muse.

After obtaining her master's degree in English Literature from Ryerson University in Toronto, Amanda packed up her life and moved to the city looking for "jazz and sex and soup," to quote Ginsberg.

Amanda has written for several publications such as The Social Times, CONTRA Magazine, Harry Magazine, The Women's Post and This Magazine. She also boasts experience as head of social media at Crescent Design + Communications, Toronto's leading creative agency. Amanda's list of publications testifies to her versatility as a writer and her ability to speak to diverse audiences, as she writes across all platforms, from academic journals to local zines. Her writing demonstrates interest in a range of subjects, from social media to social change, and she strongly believes that the former has the capacity to influence the latter. She is passionate about telling stories with new media and investigating the role of art in the digital age.

Amanda aspires to be a Toronto columnist, an outspoken poet, a feature writer, a novelist, a professor, and the next Larry King— she already owns the suspenders. To learn more about her work and to view her suite of social media and content services, visit her professional website here, and be sure to check out her blog at