Amanda Cox

My business philosophy is simple: "Treat every person as if they are the most important person in the world, because to them, they are." (-Margaret Mead)

With the heart of a teacher and the exuberance of one that has a lot of energy and passion, I am on a personal mission to enrich the lives of others. Always poised with an ear for what is needed to fix the problem, my goal is to make life better for my friends, family & clients by being a generous & relevant resource.

I aim to elevate you to the next level in not only your business, but also in your health. I find that if one feels wonderful about one's self, then energy follows, and so does success. Confidently finding one's authentic personality & voice is key. Modeling for and coaching my clients take you from a place of 'fear' of the unknown, to a place of command over the technologies you choose to employ in your business(es). I then take your training wheels off and run beside you as your genuine message flows! By being generous, interesting, offering expertise with no expectation of reciprocation, solving problems and mixing it up with life's FUN, you draw friends, family and ultimately business opportunities your way.

After many years with on an escrow closing desk, I made an internal transition at FATCO to the Information Technology training arena. I speak often to groups but also adore small settings and one-on-ones. I give much-needed technology & social medial training. My goal is to find out where you are and then to take you to the next level. Harness technology to WORK for YOU. I break it down and (if you choose) I will hold you accountable with a weekly check-in. Want a cheerleader or drill sergeant? I can be either, or a mix of both, to get you where you want to be.

I make it my personal mission to give you confidence in the virtual world and to make you the boss of your gadgets! Let's get together soon and see if I may compliment your business and health goals.