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Amanda Danziger

My passion for film and cinematography began in 2008 when I was a student at Drexel University. I volunteered at an orphanage for street children in the town of Byimana, Rwanda. As a way to show my appreciation to those who donated toward the cost of my trip, I bought a camera and set out to film a short documentary, "Umuryango," about the lives of the children I worked with, many of whom were orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. After this experience, I was hooked on the idea of linking together volunteer work and film. I recognized the overwhelming power of film as a medium to confront western culture with the raw living conditions of the third world. This is how I founded my documentary film organization, Ferasha Films.

In 2009 I volunteered to go to India to film my second documentary, "Threads of Hope," the story of impoverished women at ConneXions, a fair trade vocational school in Kolkata, India. That's when I fell in love with the country. I hope to go back one day and experience it all over again.

This past May (2013) I premiered my first featured documentary called "The Backyard Philly Project." I directed, produced, second-shot, and edited the film along with a crew of four. It's been an exciting adventure, and I am so proud of my team's work. "The Backyard Philly Project" takes place in an inner-city neighborhood called Penn Town. We gave four teenagers Flip cameras to document their lives, but followed up with professional interviews. It is currently playing in select festivals and hosted screenings. Please go see it (or visit to learn how to host your own screening)!

Over the years, businesses and individuals saw my love for visuals arts through my filmmaking. That's why I started "Amanda Danziger Productions." This has enabled me to create solutions for those in need of cinematography and photography services. Whether you are looking for a video editor; someone to film your next project, or a photographer, you've come to the right place.

I live in the greater Philadelphia area with my wonderful husband and twin boys. I'm also a lover of traveling, so don't be afraid to ask if I can do your project!