Amanda Downs

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I am a problem solver, strategist, and a communicator. I’m described as a passionate person with insatiable curiosity.

My professional focus is in communications, strategy, and consumer insight.

I have been privileged to learn about these areas in an array of corporate, non-profit, academic, and volunteer settings. My strength lies in creating authentic brands and acting as a true advocate for the consumer perspective. Experience on both client and agency-side has given me a broad outlook on marketing and the ability to see a business situation from all angles.

A self-admitted geek, I am enamoured with exponential technologies and tools that allow us to connect online and off with the communities who share our interests.

I have a strong analytical skill-set but I prefer working whole-mindedly to create new strategies, uncover opportunities, and surmount challenges. I believe not only in effectively managing change, but invoking it. I am committed to value creation over task completion, and consider titles meaningless when a job needs to get done.

I am inquisitive in nature and vigilantly watch for insights to surface in the most unlikely places, at the most unexpected times. If you are reading this, chances are I'd love to hear from you so please get in touch.