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Amanda Dubin

Kansas City


Still working hard but in a Health Care Industry Software company. I am a Technical Project Manager but began my role at this company as the PMO Business Analyst. It's great being seen for multiple values within all the companies I have worked for during the past five years. I still work to build out processes but run a team of software developers by working in the Scrum methodology -- I say this with some amusement because they were using the Waterfall methody and still have difficulty moving to the "new" process. Change is not always easy!

Preveously, I was in a unique role to help strategically build the process and new business line for OEM/Agency websites. In this role, I have helped define the product line, build processes including workflow and defined positions. My job title was Internal Operations Manager, but you could also tack on: Business Process Development, Customer Relations for OEM’s (specifically Lexus, Kia, and Honda Agency customers) and Salesforce admin for our team. In addition to actually implementing and integrating the product line, I then acted as lead Account Manager for an OEM/Agency website build / on-time launch with subsequent enhancements. Then co-authored the process for the build and support of the launch of a 12 dealership OEM pilot website program.

Personal -

I have a wonderful husband, four beautiful and talented children and two -four legged babies I love to pieces-- Lucy the Boxer and Linus the Beagle. All of my kids are in college and out of the house so I feel like I have done something extrordianary. I also just went back to college and finished my BA in Business Administration in 2010 while raising a family and working full time. Now I want to put that education to good use!

I love to scrapbook and craft with my friends and spend time with my parents, sister and nieces & nephews as often as possible. I am a voracious reader - even joined a book club but not sure if I can wait 6 weeks between books!

  • Work
    • Technical Project Manager
  • Education
    • BA in Business Administration, Graceland University