Amanda Fisher.

Cleveland, TN

I love my Beautiful King Jesus- His faithfulness amazes me always.
Taking walks, sitting around campfires, and deep conversations are some of my favorite things. I enjoy being with people and doing fun, imaginitive things.

Spiritual Renewal- "a renewed recognition of one's need for revival."
The church is in need of healing that can only take place in the sweet presence of Almighty God. Hosting His presence is my greatest joy- whatever that looks like.

I burn for revival; true revival.
True revival is this: It's the church awakened to the reality of Jesus and His everlasting Kingdom. It's a reality that His love is all we need. It's the realization that wrapped up in His Kingdom is joy beyond measure and more straight up fun than you can imagine.

In 2012 I founded Fisher Renewal System-
Fisher Renewal System exists to prophetically reveal the plans of God in a systematic way in order to bring renewal, strength, restoration and clarity to the body of Christ.

I attend Dwelling Place Church International. That place is called to be a command center. We are a giving, loving and leading church that cries out that the walls would sweat with the glory of God. We are hosting His move with a focus on the presence.

I graduated from Lee University as a Pastoral Ministry major and have no intention of becoming a pastor.

  • Work
    • Executive Director- Fisher Renewal System