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Amanda Forbes

Amanda Forbes is a fine art wedding photographer based out of Denver Colorado and is available worldwide. Drawn to the camera early on for it’s ability to preserve, Amanda love photographs for what they contain; memories, emotion, history and a way to treasure it. The camera also gave her a voice with which to communicate her world view, something she values deeply. A degree in communications led to an additional degree in photography giving the perfect trifecta of personal communication, technical skill and charming personality. At a wedding, Amandas work ethic is second to none while crafting imagery for my clients. A warm and gracious personality allows her to capture the day in a free flowing way while keeping me present but unobtrusive. She believe that relationship and moments shape the story of your wedding day and strives to stay connected as both observer and director throughout the day. Amanda believe in marriage and the power of a relationship because at the end of the day this is what you have to hold on to. She feels its important to invest in marriage and my couples believe this too. Her greatest joy is in helping my clients leave a lasting legacy that is the story of not only their wedding day but their marriage. This is her greatest honor and treasure. Amanda recently had the pleasure of being part of an elite team of photographers who photographed the wedding of Lauren Bush (Grand daughter to George Bush) to David Lauren (Son of Ralph Lauren).